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8H: Eight Horsemen of Equinox Estuary Book Trailer

L. L. Christenson's newest Christian Dystopian ...
First Christmas in Eden
8H: Eight Horsemen of Equinox Estuary
Episode #1
10K Words

A new Christian Dystopian Drama is unfolding...Will prayers be enough to protect the residents?
How will the Christians defend themselves in a battle they can't see coming?

Who will survive the approaching wars? Who will still be standing or sent swimming when the unclean tides wash in; flooding Equinox Estuary with intriguing new residents with god-like abilities?

Some residents believe a prophecy is coming true; others still question Savan, Eden of Equinox Estuary's youngest artist, what she really saw in the sunrise over the estuary that cold October morning?

   If a boat did undeniably drift in and if a dark-figured man anchoring it to a rock stepped on land, why hadn't anyone else noticed? Why on earth would he be crazy enough to lure the wildest estuary horse? Everyone in Eden knew not to get close to Titana, the yearling stallion, born with what looked like the map of their entire estuary on his forehead, why hadn't he? Titani didn't like humans and always ran the other direction, what hold did this man have on him, anyway? What did Titani's silver-grey eyes see in the man?
   Titani's instincts or horse sense never failed to read the heart of men. Was Titani feeling the same evil aura as Savan? Or why, out-of-the-blue, did Titani turn and look at her, before rearing and biting at the intruder? Titani took after the man, trampling him with hooves, and chased after him, but the strange man escaping his fate, sneaked to his boat and out-of-sight into the folds of the late-season grasses.
   Everyone questions how he came to Eden of Equinox Estuary. Some of the tribe members ask Savan if he was actually there at all, but to those who stand by and believe Savan's story, still ask if she remembers anything else about the man because whoever he was, wherever he went, he left no other witnesses.

   Then, during the most sacred time during the year, a week before Christmas, the odd man returned. This time he was not alone and this time, there were witnesses.
Right on the banks of Equinox Estuary, the man and his boat, along with his troupe arrived, eager to explore this new land, ready to make their mark on Eden.


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