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Lisa Loucks-Christenson
This is the lifetime work written, illustrated, photographed, recorded, and works created, solely, by Lisa Loucks-Christenson. 


Loucks Studios, Inc. a Subsidiary of Lisa Loucks-Christenson

These are the imprints that publish, share information, exhibit, stock merchandise to sell in our bricks-and-mortar stores; our photo studios, sites that sell art, prints, books, recordings, and license the lifetime works created, solely, by Lisa Loucks-Christenson. Lisa's works, some still in various stages (like documentaries that take years to complete) display and exhibit shorts, films, photo collections, Story Preview Editions™, Photo Traders™, ebooks, reports and more  are sold or licensed exclusively through our network.

We do not accept materials, manuscripts, art, or products. All of our stories are originally written and illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, a #1 multi-award-winning author, illustrator and photographer. 



This Site Map features the links to our networked sites.

Our combined social media followers is around 100,000


Our websites receive over 3M hits per year

Our established sites average over 10K page views a month, our larger sites receive 100K-350K page views daily. 

We've published over 20 #1 bestselling titles, Story Previews, Lisa Loucks-Christenson's books, series, art cards, art, photos, Photo Traders™ are #1 best sellers in the bricks-and-mortar stores.


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Ecompass Media™


Newspaper: Rochester Sun Times™

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Stock and assignment photo library featuring 45+ years of Lisa Loucks-Christenson's work, art, comic series, art, graphic art, articles, news, reports, and more. Licensed through thousands of clients worldwide.

Clients: Disney, Esquire, Self, IBM, Hy-Vee, Jerk King, Kettle Fudge™, Woman's World, Harcourt, Trips & Journey, Travel World International, Christian Schools International, Kind News, Perspectives, Diversion.

Lisa's Award-Wining Stories:

Harlequin® Love Inspired Search for the Killer Voice Finalist

Writer's Digest International Writing Competition

2020  Royal Dragonfly Best Illustrations -Ebook

2020 Royal Dragonfly Children's Picture Books 6 and Up

Other winning stories:

Gift of Time

The Model Maker

Carousel Riders 

and many more.


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Talk Shows/Podcasts: 

Lisa's Walk the Talk Show™

Book Divas Show™

Lisa LC Show™

Talk for a Minute™

Snowy Creek Serials™

Hope River Radio Show™


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Florida Trips Magazine™


Greeting Cards:

Lisa Loucks-Christenson™


Ebook Imprints:

Snowy River Press™



Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Book Series (partial list)


Portrait Studios:

Loucks Studios, Inc.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Lisa's Fine Art Portraiture


Animation Studios:

Lisa Loucks-Christenson Animation Studios™

Studio Carpie™

Carpie Animation Studios™


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Lisa Loucks-Christenson Documentaries™

Lisa Loucks-Christenson  Films™ 



This sitemap does not feature all the individual works, writings, photos, or links. It is suggested you reach out to Lisa directly for further information.