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Bow Wow Detectives®️ Is the Official USA registered Trademark owned by Lisa Loucks-Christenson. Please keep reporting all pirated or suspected illegal use of this brand and registered trademark. Report all Web sites, forums, download sites, people, blogs, any site publishing defamatory, libelelous, slanderous malicious content so we may investigate. Lisa has spent a decade building this brand, along with her Meow Meow Detectives™️ as a literary project and books for young readers. Please help keep it going by showing your support. Thank you.
Cross Creek Books™️ is Christian Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction 
Badger Book Group™ | Memoir, History, Fiction, Romance, Mystery
Cybereditions Reports™ | Filmed or recorded Live on-location or in studio, remote call-in, pre-recorded broadcasts & reports, articles, slice-of-life, more.
Fly Up Books™️ Offers books for babies to adult young readers.
Glass Slipper Serials™️ Offers Serials in a variety of genres with cliffhanger endings.
Meow Meow Detectives™️ Offers  cat sleuths and their human companions that solve mysteries, puzzles, and debunk legends.
Snowy River Press™️ Offers Christian fiction
TEAP Teacher Educational Activity Programs™️ Offers Educational programs for children, classroom online exhibits, activity books, coloring books, and more.
‘White Wolf Creek™️ Was founded by Lisa Loucks Christenson in 2008, she has had galleries in Wisconsin and later moved WWC to Rochester, Minnesota and expanded to a Wild Game Bistro and Fudge Shop. White Wolf Creek Was featured on QVC Televison.  





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