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Lisa Loucks Christenson is the founder, president and chief executive officer of Loucks Studios, Inc., a Minnesota woman built, owned, and led company.

Lisa Loucks founded Loucks Studios in the mid-eighties as a portrait studio and stock photo agency. Lisa spent several years licensing her work, licensing her images/text packages, and traveling around the country, on assignment for other publishers. Later, Lisa incorporated and became Loucks Studios, Inc., and expanded into publishing her own books, award-winning stories, arts, and entertainment. Loucks Studios, Inc. represents Lisa's work.

Loucks Studios, Inc. represents Lisa Loucks Christenson's lifetime creations. Loucks Studios, Inc. brands, and imprints does not, nor will they accept or publish outside submissions. 

Loucks Studios, Inc. is built on Lisa's faith, sales of her lifetime creations and documentaries that support her publishing, online, and retail endeavors. 

Lisa's a #1 international bestselling and national award-winning author and photographer; radio show host, scriptwriter;  2D and 3D  animator for her Carpie Animation Studios™ (her animation studio division of Loucks Studios, Inc.); and the owner of two independent book stores, Silver Lake Books (new & used) and Peacock Books & Wildlife Art by Lisa Loucks Christenson in the Kahler Grand Hotel.

Lisa hopes her work will inspire you to follow your goals, forgive injustices, let go of every regret, make time for or release the pressures of unfinished work, don't be too hard on yourself for mistakes made along the way, and inspire you to trust God for all things, in good and bad times that you will find and pass through during your life. God is faithful.


Lisa Loucks Christenson lifetime work includes finished projects and ongoing work in the following areas:

Assignment Photography  (food studio with full kitchen, animation studio, and portrait studio)

Audio, voice talent

Broadcasts, podcasts, on location or in-studio host for your business, show, product


Book Packaging 

Book Trailers  


Content for web sites 

Business profiles 

Interviewing Featured Guests on the Lisa LC Show™ 

Interviewing Featured Guests on Book Divas Show™

Features for newspapers, magazines, e-zines 

Human interest features 

Travel pieces 



Hometown heroes 

Slice of Life features 

Inspirational stories 

Children's books 


Marketing and sales pieces 

Question & Answer interviews 

Press releases 

Photo/Text packages (all assignments) 

Stock Photos

Fees are determined per project based on travel, time, print run, distribution, expenses, and intended usage of work. Licensing is determined by many factors: size, placement, language, exclusivity, distribution, run, and more. 

THE FILE 1,580,000 digital, 35mm, 2¼, 4x5, b/w. 2,700+ historic images. Will email jpegs or post to viewing platform to qualified buyers, vendors. 

OVERVIEW Lisa Loucks Christenson is an author-photographer based in Rochester, Minnesota. Lisa believes story and photo opportunities are everywhere. 

 NATURAL HISTORY Flora, fauna indigenous to Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. Behavior, animal tracks, man vs. nature, habitat, closeups, lifecycles, patterns, backgrounds, inspirational. 

GENERAL STOCK Photo essays, naturalists, raising orphan babies, pets, livestock, zoo scenes, night scenes, concepts, nostalgia, small-town living, old advertising, Americana, funny signs, people/animals in funny situations. Food: Drinks, recipes (step by step), healthful meals, snacks, junk foods, drive through/eating out. Outdoors: Parades, festivals, fairs, concerts, hiking, fishing, reenactments, gatherings. Macro: Feathers, rocks, butterfly wings, textures, food. Stereotypes/Reversals: Girl bullies, girl with pet snake, woman's best friend, mutt dogs. Family: Birth, kids, teens, dating, marriage, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, people and pets, celebrations, tender moments, burial, relationships, birth to death. Festivals: 25th Anniversary of the International Eelpout Festival, St.Paul Winter Carnival (ice palace, snow sculptures, ice sculptures). Parks: Itasca State Park winter scenes, Mississippi Headwaters. Other: Predatory insect photo studies. 

ENVIRONMENTAL Raptors, wildcats, road kill, junkyards, beneficial insects and pests, rehabilitation, species invasion, controlled burn, overpopulation, urban wildlife, ongoing issues. 

PEOPLE Winter fun, children sledding, ice, winter driving, winter storms, feeding geese, ice skating, bundling up for winter, snow angels, snow forts, Christmas cookies, decorating trees, gatherings, four generations together, new babies, hospital care, patients, dentists, picking out turtle, shopping, cooking, playing. 

WRITING Content for hundreds of websites, newspapers, magazines, etc. Articles include human interest features, nostalgia, how-to, photo-text, travel, slice of life, short stories, corporate sales materials and more. Offers photo/text packages. 

SPECIALTIES Wildlife, nature, food, agriculture, Americana, lifestyles, animals. 

GEOGRAPHIC AREAS North America, especially Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin. 

RECENT COVERAGE Migrations, barred owls, Sandhill cranes, great egrets, snowy egrets, trumpeter swan, tundra swans, Canada geese, terns, monarch butterflies. Bald eagle hatchling, controlled burn regrowth marsh. 

PHOTOGRAPHIC PLANS Call Lisa for itinerary. Interviews and photoessays of various Minnesota businesses, including several exclusives. Minneapolis and St. Paul. 

CREDITS (Partial) Newspapers/Tabloids:: ACHRNews, Austin-Herald, Career World, City Pages, Esquire, Fillmore County Journal, Kind News, Leroy Independent, NAHEE, National Enquirer, Rochester Free Press, Post-Bulletin, Times Plain Dealer.

Magazines/Zines: Diversion, Esquire, Perspectives, Self Magazine, Super Hay, Trips and Journeys, Travel World International, Woman's World, Writer's Digest, Writer's Weekly.

Books: The Awakening, Christian Schools International, The Creative Company, Disney, First Books, Grolier Inc., Harcourt, Holt, Lynn Stone Images, Pearson, Rinehart and Winston, Heinneman Library, Kirchoff/Wohlberg, Pearson Education, Rigby Education, Rourke.

Advertising/Corporate:  Africana Festival, Duane Kennedy Law Office, Kettle Fudge, LLC, Long Beach Art Festival,  HyVee, Kettle Fudge, LLC, IBM, Olmsted Co. Horse Draft Show, Function Thru Form,  Suzy's Salsa™, Valutec Card Solutions, more.

Boardgames: A Lot of Fun & Games. 

Speaking: National Eagle Center, Soar with the Eagles, The Glacier Stops Here, Zumbro Valley Audubon Society, more.

SHOW: Lisa LC Show™,  Lisa's Walk the Talk Show™,  Book Divas Show™. Lisa offers clips, syndication of her show, 1, 3, 5, 10, 30 minutes, 1 hour shows. Her guests are celebrities, entertainers, music artists, business owners, those with an interesting story to share. Her guest list includes: 

Aaron Neville, Aaron Tippin, Alex Kendrick/Fireproof,, Amy Tudor on behalf of Tasha Tudor, Ann-Marita, Ansel Brown, Asleep at the Wheel, B. J. Daniels, Beverly Swerling, Billy Gilman, Bobby Bare, Brad Avery / Third Day, Bryan White, Captain and Tennille, Carnie Wilson, Charlie Daniels, Chris Gray, Chris Jones, Corb Lund, Crista Lynn, Dee Dee Phelps (Dick & Dee Dee), Dennis Morgan, Dick McVey, Dick Pralls, Dr. Toys/ Steven Auerbach, Eddie Money, EverLife, Flashes of Hope, Garrison's Quarrel,Jack Witteveen, Jean Craighead George, Jenna Petersen/Jess Micheals, Jess Micheals/Jenna Petersen, Jim Owen, Joanna Wayne, John Tigert, Jordie Lane, Kathy Ireland, Kelly Brock, Kim Anthony and Midnite Rodeo, Kirk W. Boland, Lee Brice, Leigh Greenwood, Lenny Leblanc, Mark Bego, Mark Hall (Casting Crowns), Mickey Gilley, Miko Marks, Miriam Kriss - Irene Goodman Literary Agency, Moot Davis, Pam Tillis, Paul McCormick, Pete Anderson (Little Dog Records), Porter Wagoner, Ray Stevens, Rhonda Towns, Richie Mcdonald (Lodestar), Rivers Rutherford, Rush of Fools, Rustie Blue, Sandra Catena, Shauna Fleming /, Stan Silver, Terry Lee Bolton, The Bellamy Brothers, The Sonflowerz, The Statler Brothers, The Teddy Bear Band, Tom Wilson / creator of Ziggy, Way Cross and more.


RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS: Numerous national writing and photography awards, including an Honorable Mention in the "71st Annual Writer's Digest Competition" from more than 19,000 entries. Portfolio selected June 2003 for Photo District News, Harlequin® Love Inspired® Suspense The Search for the Killer Voice Contest Finalist for her Hawk of Wa Pu Ta Creek book, many others.

COMMENTS: 24/7 Business Support Center. Lisa's clients  offer interview opportunities for behind-the-scenes knowledge of their businesses. Accepts stock and assignment work. Same-day shoots possible, competitive pricing. Shooting 95 percent digitally. Film––all formats available if requested. No research fees. 

NONEDITORIAL SERVICES: Gallery prints, slide shows, writing, web design. 

FILMS: Capie Koi™, Nitoti™, Lightning Delivery Service!

Book Stores: Silver Lake Books™, Peacock Books & Wildlife Art by Lisa Loucks Christenson in the Kahler Grand Hotel (Shop #1 off the hotel lobby).

Other: Book Divas News™ site, Mystery Lovers Corner™, Florida Trips Magazine™,,  more.






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B/W Darkroom

Car Capabilities

Digital Prepress



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Nursery Retailer

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Self Magazine






Woman's World

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Christian Schools International




Lisa LC Show™ a celebrity, entertainer, author variety show; Lisa's books, stock photos, wildlife art and art cards, and services. 

Book Divas Show™ with Lisa LC is an author show at

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