Birch Lond's Blind Leap
Birch Lond's Blind Leap
Coywolf Entertainment™

Birch Lond's Blind Leap

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CoyWolf Entertainment™ Presents

Birch Lond's Blind Leap™

                       Season One: $42.00 | USA                         

 Birch Lond's Blind Leap™

 A New Family Drama Series

Written and Illustrated By #1 International Bestselling Author Lisa Loucks-Christenson 


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ISBN: 978-1-970165-00-5

CoyWolf Entertainment™ Presents

Lisa Loucks-Christenson's

Birch Lond's Blind Leap™


Birch Lond’s Blind Leap is a USA family drama series 

Author: Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Illustrator: Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Publisher: CoyWolf Entertainment™

Season One: Grazing Fire

15 Episodes | 45-60 pages per episode

S1-E1: Season Premiere, Birch Lond's Blind Leap: Mile Marker Faith

Release: 8/23/2019 - Birch Lond makes the difficult decision to leave Alaska and move to the blufflands of southeast Minnesota to open a new wetlands ranch dubbed as Birch Lond's Blind Leap.

S1-E2: Birch Lond's Blind Leap: Journey with Horse & Foal

S1-E3: Birch Lond's Blind Leap: Valentine's Day Dance

S1-E4: Birch Lond's Blind Leap: Spring Blizzard

S1-E5: Birch Lond's Blind Leap: Easter's Phantom Guest

S1-E6: Birch Lond's Blind Leap: Grazing Fire

S1-E7: Birch Lond's Blind Leap: Gifts by the Graveyard

S1-E8: Birch Lond's Blind Leap: Roughing it on the Bluffs

S1-E9: Birch Lond's Blind Leap: The Trout Fisherman

S1-E10: Birch Lond's Blind Leap: Cougar at the Hobo Creek

S1-E11: Birch Lond's Blind Leap: Praying for Rain

S1-E12: Birch Lond's Blind Leap: Lights in the Distant Sky

S1-E13: Birch Lond's: First Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch

S1-E14: Birch Lond's Blind Leap: Harvest of Thanks

S1-E15: Christmas Special, Birch Lond's Blind Leap: A Snowy Christmas Miracle 

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Bonuses Included:

Signed Book Covers

Birch Lond's Blind Leap™ - Season One Episode Guide (Summer 2019)

Photo Trading Cards of Cast (Winter 2019)

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Lisa Loucks-Christenson is an national award-winning author and wildlife photographer and owns two independent bookstore-wildlife galleries in Rochester, Minnesota, her hometown.

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