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Lisa Loucks-Christenson Media Syndicate supplies news, reports, stories, photos, comics, art, illustrations and more to her client list of businesses, ad agencies, news outlets, and publishers worldwide.

All work is licensed and royalty managed. We do not offer free images, or work, unless we are donating a piece or collection for non-profits, volunteer groups, causes Lisa Loucks-Christenson believes and supports.

Editorial Comics

Politcal Comics

Adventure Comics

Dripped Serials


Mini or full exhibits on Lisa's Wildlife Documentaries with or without corporate endorsements, book sales.


News stories 

Travel Stories


Environmental, Lifestyle, Food, Animals, Livestock, Street Scene photography

Lisa works all seasons, all weather.

Lisa is a photojournalist covering travel and news stories worldwide.

ASMP - American Society of Media Photographers

PPA - Professional Photographers of America

NATJA  -  North American Travel Journalist Association

NPPA -National Press Photographers Association