Remi Danvi of Paris, Book One, Eternal Things

Remi Danvi of Paris, Book One, Eternal Things

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Series: Eternal Things

Title: Remi Danvi of Paris

Book One

Author: L. L. Christenson

Publisher:  Badger Book Group™️

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release: TBA 2018

Charlotte has always had a thirst for life. She wakes up every morning ready to live life to the fullest. Charlotte loves to travel, so when her high school senior trip is to finally ready to leave for Paris, a few days before Christmas, Charlotte’s eyes light up like a chance meeting with Santa on Christmas Eve.

While in Paris, Charlotte travels with her class to a few small villages. She’s been warned by not only the tour guide, but her professors as well to stay inside during the night hours. It’s dangerous for young beautiful girls to be traveling alone. However, Charlotte doesn’t see it that way, unable to resist her insatiable curiosity, she and her girlfriends venture out into the night.

The girls head towards the two places they are familiar with: the gardens and the nearby cafe. When Charlotte decides to stop by the gardens to grab a flower she can Press in her scrapbook, she captures the attention of a very handsome man who is hanging around the flower stand. His name is Remi and he’s very well known by the people of this village.

Remi is drawn in by Charlotte’s beauty and charm and soulful connection, so much so, he’s heartbroken when the robins begin to sing, for he knows the sun is about to rise. Knowing they must part, he focuses on Charlotte’s image, locking it into his thoughts.

Charlotte sneaks back to her small motel room intrigued by her encounter with Remi. She decides to bring up his name during lunch before the tour guide. The tour guide’s reaction is almost startling to Charlotte as he explains the dangers that surround Remi and his family. When Charlotte decides to take the advice of the tour guide, she soon finds out that it’s a little too late.

Remi wants to see Charlotte again but Charlotte is hesitant, and refuses at first, but finally decides to confront Remi, tell him about the things she’s heard about him.

Remi doesn’t deny the unfavorable rumors, instead of focusing on what can't be changed, he reveals something more important to Charlotte, something she's always desired.

Remi may have the appearance of a vampire, like most of his angel friends, but his eternal hunger isn't for Charlotte’s blood: it’s for her heart.

Charlotte may not realize it, but there’s a chance she will never go home, to life she once knew.

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