August, 09, 2021, Rochester, Minnesota, Stolen Photo Equipment, Negatives, Slides

If you have Nikon negatives stolen negatives Rochester Minnesota stolen photo equipment Stolen Photo Equipment Minnesota Crime Prevention Unit #: MN055000-LS08975 stolen photo equipment Rochester Minnesota

This is photo equipment and negatives, slides, photos we are actively trying to locate. All of these items were stolen out of one of our Rochester,  Minnesota properties within the past couple of years. Most likely between October 2019-June of 2020, but could still be re-sold anytime since and in the future. This is a starting point.

Someone, whether they were the thieves or someone else, stuck fishing lures with hooks in our ceiling fans, someone also threw one of the metal camera case downstairs, and more.

There were many personal items stolen. Everything is replaceable, most of the negatives have images and/or slides, contact sheets, etc. 

ALL of my equipment that was stolen is engraved with the Minnesota Crime Prevention # carved into them: MN055000-LS08975.

Equipment that is stolen: 

Mamiya RB67 Medium Format Camera, film backs, and lenses (will update this later)

Mamiya C330 Professional f TLR Twin Lens Reflex Medium Format camera

Mamiya Twin Lens Reflex 180mm Lens 

Mamiya Twin Lens Reflex 80mm Lens


These items were stolen too, but not engraved so they will probably will never be recovered:

Sony Cybershot 2002 models, two (will update later)

Sony Cybershot 2004 model (will update later)

 4x5 Field Camera  (more info coming)

Not identified: around 24-4x5 Film holders  


Family photo albums

Stolen Negatives, glass negatives, 35mm negatives, Kodak carousels of slides (1000s)

1000s of 35mm negatives. Of course, Lisa Loucks-Christenson, her publishers, her heirs inherit the copyrights when she dies - 75 and 90 years later, depending on the agreement and licensed rights. Of course, there are images printed, copies of negatives and slides, so proof will fall on who holds the model releases, the property releases, the animal release and who/what the subjects are and the sequential images shot digitally of the same sets, people, locations and the email proof between editors and Lisa, the studio, the publishers.

Your theft may lead to the theft of other photo equipment or vice versa. 

Please return the stolen work, images, contact sheet (I have copies of my work of most everything. Bring it to the police in Rochester or leave it anonymously at one of the bookstore or publishing offices. 





There is the possibility of this image is in the stolen works.

©Lisa Loucks-Christenson. This is a copy of the original, which will bear that years copyright date.

The image of the butterfly is a tear sheet, but could possibly be included in the works, among other tear sheets. 

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